2017 Saplings

Allyn Salomon
2017 Sapling
From the lifting of a jib to the dropping of a main, for some of us these events feed us through questions that arise in our minds and lead to the personal truths that make up the core of our Read More
Ariel Nechemia
2017 Sapling
Ariel is a Chinese-American sailor who grew up in Beijing but now lives in California. Being raised in a family that couldn’t tell the difference between a sailboat and a powerboat he didn’t learn to sail until his High School Read More
Harry Hall
2017 Sapling
Harry grew up on a little island in Pitwater called Scotland Islan; it’s just north of Sydney, Australia. With some encouragement from his mother and a Spiral for his 10th birthday, Harry jumped headlong into the competitive sailing world. He Read More
Chris Holman
Boat Captain: Farr 40 Black, 2017 Sapling Graduate
Chis was born in Oklahoma and raised in both Oklahoma and New Mexico, started sailing at an early age with the YMCA in Oklahoma City. He sailed a variety of dinghies and family-owned keel boats. He is a founding member Read More
Isak Peterson
2017 Sapling
Like most young sailors, Isak started out sailing in Optimists. At his home club in Ephraim, Wisconsin, he transitioned to Flying Scots and was a sailing instructor, then director of the learn to sail program. Isak qualified for college nationals Read More