High Performance Acorn Program

High Performance 1: Intro to Skiffs (June 21-29, 2023) – Cost: $1,225

Adapted for sailors wanting to get into skiffs, this intensive is perfect for college sailors and dinghy sailors who want to foray into high performance boats. Shorts and sweet, so it can fit into a summer work schedule, this camp will give trainees a crash course in all things 49er, including basic footwork, boat handling, sail trim and more.

High Performance 2: Foiling & Skiff Camp (July 12-19, 2023) – Cost: $1,225

Learn to foil on our fleet of WASZPs, Foiling Nacra 17s, and 20s. Our expert coaches will provide personalized advice on how to take your sailing and fitness to the next level required for this discipline of sailing. There is a preliminary fitness test that must be passed in order to be accepted into the program. If you cannot complete the test, you will be unable to sail the boats safely. The test involves completing each of the following within a 1 minute time interval: 25 inverted rows, 15 25 lb dumbbell curls, 15 push-ups, 20 air squats, and 25 crunches. You must also be able to run a 5K in under 30 minutes. Keep in mind, these are the minimum requirements to be safe. The fitter you are, the better.

(Need-based scholarships available)

  • Apparent wind sailing
  • Skiff and Nacra 17 boat handling + sailing skills
  • How to train in the gym like a high performance athlete
  • How to foil
  • Mast and sail controls in the Nacra 17, Waszp, and 49er

among many other things. Prior high performance experience is not a requirement, but is highly encouraged. Have questions about the program? Email Training Director Ethan Johnson at training@oakcliffsailing.org.