Oakcliff Policy

Whenever you are representing Oakcliff Sailing it is expected that you will behave professionally. You are representing Oakcliff Sailing any time you are: wearing Oakcliff apparel or organization-branded gear at a sponsored event; at a sailing event as a part of Oakcliff; at Oakcliff facilities; or on their boats. The community at large and specifically the sailing community, sponsors and suppliers, and other employees and volunteers are to be treated with respect. There is to be no harassment or discrimination. All are encouraged and some may be required to complete Safe Sport Training, more information is at this link. No underage drinking or promoting of underage drinking or illegal drug use is permitted while you are on or using Oakcliff’s property or representing Oakcliff Sailing.

Lifejackets are encouraged at all times and they are mandatory when the water temperature is below 55F and when the wind is above 15 knots. Lifejackets are also mandatory for children under 16.