Sapling Program

The Sapling programs are Oakcliff’s offseason apprenticeship programs. The Winter Sapling program builds all the skills necessary to jump start your success in the sailing industry, teaching trainees the “behind-the-scenes” aspects of sailing – sail making, boat repair and maintenance, team management and more. Graduates have worked with Vestas 11th Hour Racing and have been training with the New York Yacht Club’s America’s Cup Team American Magic. The Student Sapling program allows high school student to take online classes via US Performance Academy, an accredited, online school designed for competing athletes, while training in high performance boats on the Oakcliff campus. This program is meant for those young athletes who are serious about breaking into the worlds-level sailing circuit in high performance boats.

Oakcliff Acorn Programs

The Oakcliff Acorn Programs are short, focused programs that allow trainees to take a deep dive into the sailing discipline of their choice – Offshore, Match Racing, High Performance and Maxi yachts. All Acorn programs are organized by training blocks, meaning trainees can choose to enroll in a specific discipline or fill their whole summer with a customized sailing and learning experience. Check out our Acorns page for specific information.

Custom Training

Interested in training for a specific event?  Want to ‘sponsor a boat’ to sail to Bermuda or Halifax? Oakcliff provides multiple customizable programs for teams to train for a season or one big event. We offer coaching on your boat, but encourage all to visit our campus; with our ever growing fleet and unique work environment, we can ensure you receive exactly the coaching you need. Check here for information on sponsoring and chartering.


Season Long Racing and Clinics

Throughout the season we host and compete in many events including match racing, fleet racing, offshore, and inshore. With the largest variety of sailboats in the country, our regularly scheduled events provide the perfect opportunity for sailors to enjoy themselves while competing in the world’s greatest sport.  Check out our racing page for more information.

Corporate Team Building

Sailing is the ultimate team building exercise. It presents unique and interesting challenges that provides the perfect platform for corporate development. Oakcliff offers custom team building programs for groups from 6 to 75, including outings, classes, and more. Please visit our corporate team building page for more detailed information.