Sapling Program

Immersive structured apprenticeship for experienced sailors

Student Sapling – Fall (September 9-December 18) and Spring (January 19-Monday before Memorial Day)

Cost: $20,500 per semester (including USPA classes, room, board, food and coaching)

Scholarships Available

Over the years, Oakcliff has explored formal accredited educational programs for trainees on campus. In a strange way, the COVID-19 crisis has made that dream a reality. Oakcliff is happy to announce they will be partnering with US Performance Academy (USPA) to allow Oakcliff saplings to take accredited high school classes while training full time on the Oakcliff campus. Even after the COVID-19 crisis has ended, Oakcliff will continue to offer this unique training opportunity. US Performance Academy is an accredited, NCAA approved, private online middle and high school program for young athletes with unique schedules due to high performance training. USPA allows students to create a pathway towards their personal, professional, and athletic goals while leveraging the latest technology for an on-the-go environment. The online curriculum allows for a flexible school schedule and academic calendar. 

Student athletes will follow a rigorous schedule blending on-the-water training, gym time, and life skills training, with a full course load from USPA. Oakcliff will take full advantage of our 100+ boat fleet, but the majority of training will focus on the 470 and Olympic skiffs. Schedules and elective course work will be flexible depending on an individual Sapling’s interest and, as always with sailors, the wind conditions. An on-site Learning Coach will coordinate the study times for all athletes and provide academic assistance when needed. For the spring semester, Saplings will travel to south for warm-weather training blocks.

For older high school students training at Oakcliff, the USPA curriculum includes ACT and SAT prep. There is also college application and essay assistance for those applying for college. 

Follow this link to apply for the student sapling program.

Winter Sapling: Jan 21-April 26, 2021 (arrival/departure flexible) Cost: $200 a week plus food

Have a gap year, or time off in the winter? Oakcliff sailing does not stop when the snow flies. Join the team in the boat shop learning absolutely everything that it takes to keep our fleets ready to race – including boat repair and maintenance, sail repair, team management, campaign fiance and more. Be first in line for winter racing when available, workout with the team, and get a head start for a career in the sailing industry,