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The 49er and 49er FX is a two-handed skiff-type Olympic high-performance sailing dinghy measuring in at 4.99 meters. The two crew work on different roles with the helm making many tactical decisions, with the driver steering, and the crew doing most of the sail control. Both of the crew are equipped with their own trapeze. In the Olympics, the 49er is sailed by teams of men while the FX is a smaller rig sailed by teams of women. Both rigs use the same hull. While the Olympics are gender separated in the skiff class, Oakcliff has teams sail with every combination.

Oakcliff has 18 hulls, with 8 49er and 8 FX rigs. These boats are available for charter.

The Nacra 17 is a 17-foot-long performance catamaran designed for a crew of two. It was designed in 2011, went into production in 2012 and has been the focus of multihull sailing at the Olympic Games since its conception. The Nacra has been converted to a sailing hydrofoil for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where it has been designated the mixed gender class of Olympic dinghy.

Oakcliff has 6 foiling Nacra 17s available for charter.

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