Melges 24

Melges 24

Oakcliff has 6 Melges 24s. They have been outfitted for both One Design sailing and Double-handed Coastal Sailing. The offshore adjustments include Jack lines, smaller spinnakers, newly-cut reef-able mains, movable water ballast in the shape of a water-filled fender, and electronics for navigation.

These boats are available for
Sponsor: Yes
Charter: No
Sale: No

Boat Specs:
Designer: Reichel/Pugh

Builder: Melges Boat Works
Length: 24'
Beam: 8' 2"
Displacement: 1,783 lbs

Draft: 5’

Helm: Tiller
Oakcliff Crew #: 1 to 2

Total Crew #: 2 to 5

Sail Specs:

Spinnaker: 670 sq ft (62 m2)

Mainsail: 264 sq ft (24.5 m2)

Jib/genoa: 126 sq ft (11.7 m2)


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