Getting to Oakcliff

Getting to Oakcliff

Located at 4 South Street, Oyster Bay, NY 11771, Oakcliff is easily accessible from New Jersey, New York City and New England. It’s only about one hour by car  with most traffic patterns from New York City and slightly longer by train. Oakcliff is also accessible by boat, if that’s more your style.

Long Island Railroad (from Penn Station)

Leaving Manhattan by Penn Station, take any train passing through Jamaica and transfer in Jamaica to the Oyster Bay line. Oakcliff is at the end of the line, a short walk towards the center of town and then left along South Street. Walking directions can be found through Google Maps.

Often, it is more convenient and faster to take the Huntington/Port Jefferson line of the LIRR to the Syosset Station and then take a short Uber, Lyft, or Taxi ride to Oakcliff.

Click here to plan your LIRR trip.

Driving Directions (from NYC/west)

Take Interstate 495 eastbound and get off at exit 41N for Route 106 toward Oyster Bay. Turn right onto NY 106/107. Go 0.7 miles and stay right on NY 106. Go 5.6 miles, straight through the central intersection of Oyster Bay (you’ll now be on South St.), and Oakcliff will be on the left.

Alternatively, take the Northern State Parkway, get off at exit 35N, and follow the directions as above.

MacArthur Airport

Uber/Lyft Option:

Time estimate: 50 minutes Cost estimate: around$55-$90(goes up or down depending on time/demand)

LIRR Option:

Time estimate: 1.5 hours
Cost estimate: $30 total, $10 if picked up in Hicksville

The fastest way to Oakcliff  is to take the LIRR from Ronkonkoma to Hicksville, which does not require a transfer. After exiting the airport, you would get either an uber,lyft, or shuttle to Ronkonkoma Station. Once in Hicksville, a taxi/uber/lyft could be taken to OCSC.

Ronkonkoma to Hicksville station: 38 minutes, $6.25 for individual ticket (peak and off­‐peak)

AVIS Rental Car Option:

A four day compact rental from MacArthur costs approximately $250 (plus taxes and fees).

JFK Airport

AirTrain to LIRR Option:

Time estimate: ~1 + hour.  Cost estimate: $15.75 total

This is by far the preferred method of getting to Oakcliff from JFK

The AirTrain is a simple, fast connection from JFK to the Long Island Rail Road. It travels to Jamaica station every 4 to 8 minutes and costs $8.25 per ride. The ride takes 10 minutes. Once in Jamaica, there is an indoor link to the LIRR.

From Jamaica, it is possible to take the LIRR directly to Oyster Bay. The beautifully scenic ride costs $7.50 and takes approximately one hour. It is a short walk from the train station to Oakcliff.  Another more efficient option is to take the LIRR to Syosset (same price), which is a shorter train ride (approx. 36 minutes) and only a ten-minute Uber/Lyft/Taxi to Oakcliff.

Uber/Lyft Option:

Time estimate: 45 minutes (without traffic). Cost estimate: around $60-$90(goes up or down depending on time/demand)

Super Shuttle (1-800-­258-­3826) also runs from JFK. It can carry up to ten people. For one person, the shuttle costs $60 from JFK to Oyster Bay. Each additional person costs $10. It is possible to rent the entire van for $120.

AVIS Rental Car Option:

A four-day compact rental from JFK costs approximately $175 (plus taxes and fees).

LaGuardia Airport

Uber/Lyft Option:

Time estimate: 40 minutes (without traffic). Cost estimate: around$53-$85(goes up or down depending on time/demand)

Bus to LIRR Option:

From LGA terminals, A, B, C take the Q70 bus to Woodside Station of the LIRR. $2.75 Pay with MetroCard or coins ONLY.  Then take the LIRR to Oyster Bay Station, which will transfer at Jamaica(Woodside to Oyster Bay) $10.75-14.50, and call for a pick-up or walk the 3 blocks.  Alternately go to the Syosset station for roughly the same price and take an Uber/Lyft/Taxi to Oakcliff.

AVIS Rental Car Option:

A four-day compact rental from LaGuardia costs approximately $200 (plus taxes and fees).