2016 Saplings

Sean O’Halloran
Boat Captain: Farr 40 Black & Weegie, 2016 Sapling
Sean is the boat captain for Farr 40 Black as well as Weegie, a Columbia Carbon 32. Specializing in offshore sailing, he has developed extensive skills both on and off the water in order to be successful in all aspects Read More
Andres Guerra Font
High Performance Fleet Manager, 2016 Sapling
I started to sail in Barcelona as a kid with the Optimists and then worked as a sailing instructor, I was teaching on dinghies, keelboats, yachts and multihulls. After studying chemistry, I changed my degree to Navigation and Maritime Science Read More
Lau Busch-Petersen
2016 Sapling
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark After high school i did not know what to study, so i took a ‘few’ gap years before making the big decision of what to study. I worked and lived in Copenhagen, traveling when i had money to spare, Read More
Nikolas Nöetzel
2016 Sapling
Hometown: Kiel, Germany I am 24 years old and I am a 2015 graduate of the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Before I studied business administration and economics down south amidst the Alps, I grew up in the beautiful Read More
Christopher Ross
2016 Sapling
Hometown: Enfield, New Hampshire, United States of America I grew up a lake sailor in Enfield, NH at the Dartmouth Sailing Club. I always considered being on the lake a point of pride. Growing up I was super fortunate to Read More
Karine Jansen
2016 Sapling
Hometown: Haarlem, the Netherlands I started sailing when I was about 10 years old, I had saved all my pocket money to buy a little sailing dinghy.  I went to different sailing clubs and schools and became a sailing instructor when Read More
Stuart Macintosh
2016 Sapling
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Sailing has been one of the few things to peak and keep my interest in the past few years, I love everything about it. From actually competing to the planning necessary to be successful. This past Read More
Travis Carlisle
2016 Sapling
Hometown: Madison, Connecticut, United States of America Since I was born, I’ve been in and around boats. Both my mom’s side and my dad’s side have been involved in the sailing community. At 14 my dad put me into a summer Read More