Leadership for Olympic Sailing

The Olympic Program is a relatively small part of what US Sailing does but it is the most high-profile.  It has been in disarray for the last decade plus. There are many organizations, clubs, individuals and athletes, working towards Olympic success but not always in parallel with each other. The more everyone works in the same direction, the better for our athletes and the higher the likelihood of a positive outcome, medals.  

Last fall, a cross-country and cross-genre group came together to try to identify a collaborative path forward.  The results are in two documents and are offered by Oakcliff for the collective good.

Olympic Sailing Summit Executive Summary

Download Summit Executive Summary

Summit Results Narrative 

The Summit Results Narrative is a qualitative narrative of the discussions amongst the organizations, and most importantly amongst athletes.  

Download the Summit Results Narrative

Summit Survey Compiled Spreadsheet 

The Summit Survey Compiled Spreadsheet lists every part of an Olympic organization. Participating organizations were asked to identify what they do well (green), what they don’t, can’t or have no interest in doing  (red) and what is up for discussion (yellow). It  is a graphic representation of where there are holes, overlaps and opportunities.

Download the Summit Survey Compiled Spreadsheet

Oakcliff is sharing the information in an effort to pull together the country and much like the Helix does for athletes and parents provide a roadmap of how we can push for success.

Bottom line:  America’s sailing athletes deserve better.  This is what leadership looks like.  We are running out of time.

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