- Building American Leaders Through Sailing -

Patrick Murphy

2013 Sapling

Patrick Murphy grew up sailing with his family in South Eastern Connecticut’s Fishers Island Sound appropriately, aboard their Fishers Island 24. From a young age he developed an admiration for the sport and tried to sail on any and every boat he could. Wanting to pass on his love of sailing he spent 7 years teaching sailing to both younger and older students. While attending the University of Connecticut he sailed sloops and lasers on the Connecticut River.

Patrick says he not only enjoys sailing because of its competitive nature but because of the people he meets, the interesting places it has sent him and what it has taught him about himself. We are still waiting for these stories but we are sure they will be entertaining.

Patrick delivered and campaigned many boats and ran the Jon Muri 65 Mischievous for the Newport Bermuda race and cruises around Fishers Island. When the season was over he got a job with Grice Marine painting and repairing fiberglass boats and expanding his marine skill set. Pat came to Oakcliff to further develop his sailing and yacht management skills and plans on getting his captains license upon graduation.