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Chris Kennedy

Fleet Captain: Swedish Match 40's, 2012 Sapling

Chris Kennedy sometimes finds time to actually go sailing. He loves to take things apart, and put them (mostly) back together. In the Fall of 2011, between finding a real job as an engineer, keeping the ’78 Chevy and ’83 Yamaha running, and building a chicken coop, he found a little time to sail Melges 24 Nationals, F18 North Americans, and C Scow Worlds. While the “real job” and some iceboating kept the thirst sated through the long, cold Wisconsin winter, as the weather warmed the need to be on the water grew. Chris headed off to Oakcliff to find out what Long Island Sound has to offer. Once at Oakcliff Chris continued to be industrious in the shop and with any project we could throw at him. At the end of his class we were happy to hear the words – “I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be than at Oakcliff”. Chris has become a valued member of our team and on the sailing side he is one of our more talented match racing coaches, often sailing with Chris Poole’s Riptide Racing with much success.