Potts Puts Another Win In His Pocket At Grade 3

Potts Puts Another Win In His Pocket At Grade 3

The US Match Racing Champions, Pearson Potts (Newport, RI) and the Yankee Creole Race Team, defended their title with another win at Oakcliff’s July Grade 3 Clinegatta with coaching by Will Boulden (Hobart, Australia). Close behind in second place was the up-and-coming Gotham Race Team led by 19 year-old Bridget Groble (Chicago, IL). Third place was Oakcliff Graduate Charlie Lalumiere.

“The winning strategy this weekend was a game of our favorite friend Mo…momentum,” said Potts of keeping the boat fast in the light wind conditions. “We just tried to keep the turning and maneuvers to a minimum and keep the Mo going.”

With a hot July sun and little wind, the competitors had to work hard to keep morale high so they were ready to race when the wind filled in. “We had really good teamwork,” said Groble. “We were able to stay positive even when we got a penalty or were behind and that was key.”



  1. Pearson Potts

  2. Bridget Groble

  3. Charlie Lalumiere

  4. Sarah Parker

  5. Jim McNally

  6. Chris Sharpless

  7. Hannah Carter

  8. Peter Bailey

  9. Doug Shannon