Oakcliff Triple Crown Series – Stage 1 Press Release

Oakcliff Triple Crown Series – Stage 1 Press Release

Oakcliff Triple Crown – Stage 1 Press Release

OYSTER BAY, NY (July 23, 2017) – The conditions at the Oakcliff Triple Crown Series, Stage 1, hit the sweet spot today with 8 knots gusting 12 out of the East. Playing the shifty puffs and deciding which side of the course to be on was key. Stu McNay/Dave Hughes in the 470 and Nevin Snow/Mac Agnese in the 49er nailed it with nothing but 1’s and 2’s on their score lines.

In the 470 Men’s fleet, Lucas Calabrese/Ian McDiarmid and Wiley Rogers/Jack Parkin gave McNay/Hughes a run for their money. They battled fiercely all day and didn’t allow anybody else to touch the top three spots in even a single race.

In the Women’s 470 fleet and the 49erFX, scores were much tighter and consistency was needed for the win. The 49erFX fleet was the largest with 4 international teams and some mixed-gender. The 49erFX served as a stepping stone for smaller sailors to get into the game.

Per the Notice of Race, only 50% of the available prize grants were awarded because no fleet reached 8 teams. Executive Director Dawn Riley urged the sailors at the Prize Giving to tell their friends and bring their training partners “because we really do want to give out all of the grants but we need participants!” she said, “Our goal is for some of you here to win Olympic medals!”

A total of a $56,666,00 of prize grants was awarded at this first stage of the Oakcliff Triple Crown Series. Stage 2 and 3 are scheduled for September 30 to October 1 and October 7-8 and will include Foiling Nacras. Requests for invitation can be made according to the Notice of Race available here