Vang Goes BANG

Vang Goes BANG

Antigua – Start of RORC Caribbean 600 Race

It was a beautiful day on the water off Antigua today, but not for the Genuine Risk crew.  While warming up upwind under reefed main and #3 jib we came through one of the classic Caribbean swells and heard a crack from the vang gooseneck.  Upon inspection discovered some hairline cracks, and did a lashing repair.  This held for us into our starting sequence, but while coming up the upper gooseneck fitting exploded, shearing the gooseneck pin as well.  So a disappointed crew of young Swedish and American sailors (and us old guys as well) headed back to the dock with preliminary repair plans underway, and ready to get the rig fixed before St. Maarten.  One of those tough days that we have all had on the water, and all the crew would much rather be out in what’s shaping up as a great race, but the gang is hitting the ground running on the dock to get her sorted.

CDR Chris Gasoriek

Advisory Board

All American Offshore Team