Team member wins a Rolex!

Team member wins a Rolex!

Congratulations to Oakcliff All American Offshore team members racing in the Rolex’s St. Francis Big Boat Series.

Rolex Big Boat Series, St. Francis 2011. Matt Noble and team win a rolex

It was four days of racing in heavy breeze. People clocked puffs over 30,  I saw solid 27 on the panel one upwind beat.  Here is a great clip of the racing from, it takes a second to load. The clip showed before the awards and there was plenty of cheering during the wipeout section.

Congratulations to Matt Noble  and his team on J125  Double Trouble! They won every race of the regatta (7 races: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1), a perfect picket fence that they will be reminded of every time  boat owner Andy Costello checks the time.

Ben Quatromoni  and his team Powerplay missed a Rolex watch by a few points but had strong  2nd place finish in the Tp52 class.

For more results, check out the Rolex Big Boat Series Website.