Race Log – 21:00 August 14

Race Log – 21:00 August 14


Day 1, 21:07

The start of the 2011 Rolex Fastnet Race was the most exhilarating start to an ocean race I have ever sailed. 350 boats jammed into the mecca of sailing that is Cowes, UK. Europeans have an appetite for sailing and the crowds lining the shore, ribs buzzing around, and myriad of boats on the line confirmed that. For me it’s an honor to put “the jersey” on again and sail for the Oakcliff AAOT. This team has grown into the proverbial shoes we’re handed and as we bashed our way out of the Solent and traded a few knuckles with the heavy hitters as they moved through the fleet, I was stoked to be sailing with this group again. Just got off watch, going to jam down some organic BNT with tuna and hit the sack.


Adios for now,

Jesse Fielding