Race Log – 09:00 August 15

Race Log – 09:00 August 15

Molly Robinson

Day 2 – 9:00 AM

1st early morning watch 5-9 knots. I completely passed out last night, as soon as I hit my rack I fell into a very deep sleep. Welchy (Chris Welch) said I was sleeping so soundly he had to border on domestic violence to wake me up. I just fouhnd out Westy (my opposite) didn’t have a sleeping bag so we’re sharing. It is only a 2-3 day race but a sleeping bag makes a world of difference. Dave was telling me about all of the wonderful meals he can make, cracked pepper sea bass, sea salt asparagus, fondue… it made me question our freeze dried selection. But I think last nights organic bacon and mac and cheese was one of my favorites. I hope everyone back home is doing well. I am excited to go back to the Bay (San Francisco) but am going to be sad to leave the team.

Watch report:

Problems with the “super light” sail. There was an issue with the strop at the head. We couldn’t get it to sit right once on the halyard lock as the foot hovered above the deck. We had to drop it, adjust the strop and re-hoist. It was a slow 20-minutes but now we’re into the Code Zero and back on track.