Race Blog – 13:15 August 16

Race Blog – 13:15 August 16

Emerson Smith

August 16 – 13:15

Things have calmed down a bit. As I come off watch I can finally sit below and remove my gear without being tossed around the boat like a rag doll. I’m enjoying my first hot meal in what seems like an eternity.

It’s funny how your body begins to settle back into the same routine. After a few rotations of 4 (hours) on, 4 off, you find that your body begins to crave sleep after only 4 hours on deck and you even feel a bit “refreshed” after only a few hours of sleep.

The breeze has been progressively easing up as I write this and it sounds as though we will be gibing soon. Fingers are crossed that the wind holds until our finish, but in the end we will simply deal with whatever is sent out way and continue to push the boat hard.