David Rasion Wins 6.50 Mini Transat!!!

David Rasion Wins 6.50 Mini Transat!!!

Mini Transat Racer David Rasion crossed the finish line in Bahia Oct 31 just after 8pm.

David arrived at the finish after racing across 3,120 ocean miles in 17 days, and beat the current second leg record by 23 minutes!

Congrats to David for a truly memorable race!!!  David took a quick break from celebrating to talk to Nico G, from 650 Classe Mini Unoffical Site  

“This is my fourth try on this race. I come out a winner, and in full day light. Its been a tough one, for me and for every one else. Yes, I’ve had my doubts, when I was ahead by a hundred miles and hit a windless spot.I thought everybody was passing me. Some other time I had to step on the brakes real hard when the boat was slamming away, and yet, I was gaining on everybody.
Yes indeed I have the feeling that my boat is like a kick in a bees nest of naval designers. The question is whether or not we’ll see 60 footers based on my design. This I do not know.”

To find out more about the race and who has finished go to the Offical Class Website

American sailor Emma Creighton is racing to the line, and here is an Interview with American, Emma Creighton that was taken right before she started the race.