Weather is getting warmer! Get ready for the season:

Weather is getting warmer! Get ready for the season:

5 quick tips to get ready for the season at Oakcliff!

1. Read the rules, go to the seminars, ask questions! – As most of you know last year was and Olympic year! When that happens your rulebook cover changes color and believe it or not some of the content changes as well.

To find out what changed it is a good thing to read the book, if you see a long vertical line down the side of a rule “it changed”. This year there are so few changes you might not notice, but take a look. We had great turnout at the Dave Perry talk so I may be preaching to the choir but take a look at the book and if you have questions ask, we are here to help!

2. Plan your calendar- look at the Oakcliff site and plan what events you want to do! Begin reading the NOR and sailing instructions.
We do a lot of events here at Oakcliff and there is something for everyone on the calendar. Even if you don’t want to sail and event we need you to help us run the events.

3. Prepare for your days of sailing- Life is so much easier with a plan even a day of sailing a month from now can be done easier with a plan. Also look at your boats “Play book” we put Tommy b’s up on the site and it is a great example of a plan to help ease your maneuvers. Yours does not have to be so detailed but take a look and “borrow” some of his ideas.

This is also a good time to check your regatta ditty bag, get rid of those old granola bars and make sure you have what you need to sail an event.
Mine includes:

  • 2 rolls of Electrical tape (odd color so I know what I put on so I can take off when leaving the boat)
  • Leatherman that works, take this time to check yours out, you can’t imagine the work that salt does over the winter!
  • Tell tales and cassette tape (actually pretty hard to find)
  • Wet notebook
  • Small tool kit (vise grips, screw drivers)
  • Light spectra line/ shock cord 4 mm or less
  • Sail tape
  • Y and B Flag
  • Halyard clip

4. Watch video/study- there is so much information out there right now it is easy to Google up some good match race video, or watch some video from previous events that you sailed. Read, again re-read your regatta report, coaching debriefs, setup/tuning guides from your last sail.

5. Finally practice- First match race practice is right around the corner on April 9th, followed by the ABC Qualifier. Sign up now and practice. Currently we are working on our practice plan and it helps know who is coming.