The Volvo and Oakcliff

The Volvo and Oakcliff

We are happy to report that Oakcliff’s reputation is spreading around the globe. In Alicante, the professionals instantly ‘got it’ and are looking forward to integrating our graduates into future projects.

I also couldn’t help but notice that Ian Walker, skipper of Abu Dhabi might have benefited from Oakcliff’s acorn and sapling program. When interviewed dockside as they were repairing their mast, he said:

“We have a fantastic team and I feel like a spare part at the moment. I think I should have learned more about rigging as a nipper. I can’t do much more than make cups of tea and go round and check with people and encourage them to get it all done quick.”

No problem Ian, you can stop by Oakcliff any time :-). Also sighted in Alicante, Jesse, Mark and Charlie from Oakcliff’s All American Offshore Team.

Remember next year the Acorn, Sapling, Might Oak and Offshore Programs will be fully integrated. More on that as the schedule and players are firmed up. If you or someone you know are interested in being a part of the 2011 team please go to the Acorn page for more information or email with any questions.