Spring Sailing – YEAH!

Spring Sailing – YEAH!

The day started with it blowing “dogs blowing off chains” but the 35 Oakcliff sailors were hopeful the forecast was correct.

The match racing fleet prepped the boats and went in search of a race course to tuck up into out of the brunt of the wind.

The Farr 40 team rigged the boat and coach Ronnie went through dry runs. The 11.5 put the battens in sails know as ‘boning’ the jibs. The Ker 50 team familiarized themselves with the boat and watched the wind gusting to 30knots.

At 11:30 the call was made for a one hour dock hold and when everyone came back from lunch we left in solid 20 knots but the wind was trending the correct way. We hit the sound as the wind moderated and we had an absolutely beautiful day of practice.

Today (Sunday) we are off again for a beautiful sunny Sunday with 70 degree temps and 10-15 knots of wind. The next sailing will be Tuesday’s Match Racing Drills in Shields and IRC practice on Saturday.