Potts at top of podium once again

Potts at top of podium once again

OYSTER BAY, NEW YORK (June 2, 2019) – Pearson Potts, the 2017 US Match Racing Champion (USMRC), lived up to his title at Oakcliff’s June Grade 3 regatta where, out of eight races, he only incurred one loss to second place finisher Chris Poole. Potts has rebranded his team this year from Yankee Creole Racing, with whom he won the 2017 USMRC, to Guardians of the Monohull in a playful nod to the America’s Cup’s return to monohulls. He continues to race with most of his old team, including his father, Pearson Potts Sr.

When asked what the tricks to success for this regatta were, Potts’ tactician Lucas Adams explained, “Keeping momentum going in light air was crucial.” He also noted, “It was important to know the time and distance when determining if you can pull off a maneuver.” When these calculations were wrong the results were damaging to a team’s stance on the race course.

Dave Perry, who coached the clinic leading up to the regatta and competed as a skipper, added, “Keeping the boat fast at all times was the most important thing and then, of course, not making mistakes.”

Oakcliff High Performance Fleet Manager Andres Guerra competed with a team of Saplings, or summer-long trainees of their apprenticeship program. Several of them are new to match racing but are learning quickly with the ample opportunities to learn that Oakcliff offers; they’ve hosted four graded match race regattas this season already.

Full Results:

1.     Pearson Potts

2.     Chris Poole

3.     Bryce Kopp

4.     Alexis Gesualdo

5.     Dave Perry

6.     Doug Shannon

7.     Jim McNally

8.     Andres Guerra

9.     Danielle Gallo