Team Shaw Wins Oakcliff

Team Shaw after receiving their trophies

06.08.2014 – Oyster Bay, NY – Oakcliff SapGrad Elizabeth Shaw (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) won the June Invitational Clinegatta with six wins and one loss overcoming the high-ranking competition this weekend.

Shaw was happy that her team was able to push through the “light and difficult” conditions that they were presented with during both Saturday and Sunday.

“I’m really proud of my team. I’ve spent so much time focused on international race management. It was a great feeling to be back on the other side of the game, and of course to be successful,” said Shaw.

Shaw graduated from Oakcliff’s Sapling program last summer and is back this summer to continue her quest in match racing. She is very appreciative of all the hard work that Oakcliff and their volunteers have put in over the past two years.

“My team and I are very appreciative of the race committee and all their hard work this weekend. They took their time to make the right decisions, and we are thankful for that,” said Shaw.

Besides Shaw, there were also two Oakcliff Saplings, Doug Reynolds (Great Neck, NY) and Charlie Lalumiere (Falmouth, ME) aboard the boat with Shaw during the regatta.

Reynolds said, “Oakcliff’s Sapling program definitely has paid off for this regatta. It helped us to keep our racing tight, and everyone was able to keep focused without any major problems.”

Her crew consisted also included Zach Runci of Duxbury, MA and Howie Meyers of Bellport, NY.

The final results and ISAF ranking are as follows:

  1. Elizabeth Shaw – CAN – 603
  2. Lance Fraser – BER – 60
  3. Jon Hammond – USA – 118
  4. Chris Poole – USA – 28
  5. Jason Hearst – CAN – 955
  6. Doug Shannon – USA – 141
  7. Chantal Hearst – CAN – 310*                                 *All women crew
  8. Colin Kennedy – USA – 452

Congrats to all teams!