Meadow Walk Art For Sale

Meadow Walk Art For Sale

CiCindyRoe1ndy Roe

Peace, Love & Groovy Vibes
Mixed Media, Marine Debris Sculpture
23″ x 23″

Cindy’s paintings and sculptures are inspired by her deep, immovable kinship with sea. A lifetime of living both on and next to the water have given her the gift to express its serenity, its history, its function and its vulnerability. She works in a variety of mediums in order to capture the depth of her subject. Cindy deftly paints historic, and often endangered working waterfronts. She mixes encaustic wax and organic matter in her land and seascapes. And most recently, she has garnered the interest of art lovers and environmentalists alike by collecting plastic flotsam she finds along the shoreline and transforming it into thought-provoking and visually exciting sculpture.


Frank Olt

Long Island Signal 2015
Encaustic on Canvas on Panel, Custom Sliver Frame
19″ x 49″

Frank Olt is an artist who works in painting and ceramics. A product of New York’s minimalist tradition, Olt earned a BFA and an MFA from Long Island University. He was an artist-in-residence at P.S.1 (MoMA), where he executed several ground-breaking installations and site-specific works. Olt has exhibited at numerous galleries and museums in North America and Asia. He has executed a number of commissions including The NYC Arts for Transit program at 23rd & Ely in Long Island City. Olt is a Professor of Art at LIU/Post.

Judie SwansonJudie Swanson

Loop ‘d Loop, 2013
6 1/2″ x 15″ x Variable 6 – 10 1/2″

A life long resident of the Metropolitan New York area, Judie has studied at the Art Students’ League and The National Academy School. Her sculptures, installations, paintings, and photographs have been shown at The National Academy, in private and corporate galleries, and non-profit organizations. Judie’s work is in private collections in the United States and Sweden.

CarylStern1Caryl Stern

Marble and Solder
Variable Dimensions

Caryl Stern lives and works in New York City. She has a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and did graduate work at Yale and New York University. After caress in theatre, journalism, and photography (her work has appeared in The New York Times and other media), she enrolled at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City and took classes at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO, and the International Center of Photography. She has focused on printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Her work has appeared in many shows at the National Academy Museum and School, winning major prizes. It has been shown in national and international exhibitions and is in private collections around the country.

Mary Mattingly


Outreach, 2015
Acrylic, collage, and resin on a wood panel
18″ x 18″

MaryMattingly2Headache, 2015
Collage, acrylic and resin on wood panel

Fueled by humor and nostalgia, Mattingly utilizes pop and graphic images that resonate with her all-American upbringing and penchant to find wit and absurdity in the ordinary and mundane. Her approach to the artistic process is uncomplicated: she forgoes the cerebral for the intuitive, and unambiguous over the abstruse, adding her own blend of nostalgia and whimsy. Working in a variety of mediums and techniques, from polished aluminum, collage, fiberglass, and even 3D printing, her art is characterized by her predilection for both playfulness and experimentation. Often utilizing her iconic people symbols in contexts ranging from classical poses to driving in a convertible reminiscent of childhood road trips, Mattingly reminds us to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.

Diane Van BremmerDianeVanBremmer1

Sea Buddy
Sand Sculpture/Plaster of Paris

I studied art at F.I.T. In N.Y.C. In addition to creating sculpture & painting, I also design gold leaf estate signs on the North shore of Long Island.

Osmeli Delgado  OsmeliDelgado1

Reaching the Stars
11″ x 15″

Rowdy Soul
11″ x 15″

 During childhood in Venezuela I was surrounded by artists due to the fact that my mother had a gallery in the center of the city where I was born. I had a special connection with art from an early age. My toys were brushes and paint oils.  Consequently, during my teenage and early adulthood moments of soul searching, loneliness and joy I would head to my room and start to create. My love for sculpture was fueled during my university studies in architecture where I was able to explore the three-dimensional plane. I always try to incorporate into my work the feeling of three-dimensional space. What inspires me to create are the life lessons that I’ve gotten through different experiences. I believe we are a spirit living in a body so each experience brings us spiritually to a new state of consciousness or maturity, if we are willing to see the message within them. The objective I seek through my art is to assist the viewer in connecting with their inner world and making of this contemplation experience a moment of meditation and awakening.

Keke Brown

KekeBrown1Scribbles 4
Black Pen on Vellum
11″ x 14″

KekeBrown2Scribbles 6
Black Pen on Vellum
11″ x 14″

KekeBrown3Scribbles 13
Black Pen on Vellum
11″ x 14″

KekeBrown4Scribbles 29
Black Pen on Vellum
11″ x 14″

Keke Brown lives in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from New Zealand with Samoan/European descent Keke has always been able to slip between worlds and see many perspectives. She is fascinated with how people interact or do not engage with each other. This idea of space or the ‘Va’ as described in Samoan culture is what drives her work. By simple, pen on paper works, black on white or translucent surfaces she is exploring the idea of space (the ‘va’) and how people or in this case lines and life intersect.

Julia Dubovyk

JuliaDubovyk1Chandelier #2JuliaDubovyk2
Oil on wood panel
20” x 20”

Chandelier #8
Oil on wood panel
20” x 20”

In my work I try to capture the unexpected, hidden qualities behind everyday objects that most of us take for granted.  Rich, deep colors within simple compositions are enhanced by my use of unique materials, deliberately selected to emphasize the essence of the object in all its simplicity.  In doing so, I invite the viewer to reconsider the everyday object and relate to it in a different way.

The Chandelier is the main subject of my painting because light is the most powerful thing in Nature. It creates a magical atmosphere in a dark space. Also all those chrysalis with the ability to reflect and refract light bring a special atmosphere. Everything around becomes bright, enjoyable, and festive. And it is a unique light that we, almost godlike, can control ourselves.

NancyShapiro1Nancy Shapiro

6.75” x 6.75”

 Nancy Shapiro balances parallel careers as a fine artist and graphic designer. Born in Brooklyn, NY she lives and works in New York, NY, and divides her time between New York & The Napa Valley, CA. After receiving her BFA from Boston University, she returned to New York City to pursue a career in graphic design and established Nancy Shapiro Design Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in package and graphic design.

Nancy continued with fine art studies by attending courses at The Brooklyn Museum School, The International Center of Photography, School of Visual Arts, and Napa Valley College and currently at the National Academy School. Her sculpture, paintings, collages and monotypes can be found in public and private art collections in the United States and abroad; her art has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

Sofia Echa SophiaEcha1

Fluidity #4
Acrylic on metal
24” x 36”


My work is a reflection of my daily experiences and emotions. Nature, sensuality, and a woman’s body are my sources of inspiration. I strive to make statements that are positive and uplifting through colors, concepts and materials.
Painting with acrylic and oil on both canvas and metal, I combine different mediums and bases to express my “language” and my emotions more precisely. Working with metal, I play with the illusion of being ‘light’ and heavy at the same time: my works on heavy aluminum have a shadow on the wall so the work seems to be ‘floating’. I strive to create art that shares my own unique statement and vision while at the same time provides viewers space for their own personal interpretation, no translation necessary.

KirkLarson1Kirk Larsen

Harbor Silhouettes
7′ x 7′ 2”
Steel, aluminum, rubber, cord re-purposed car bumpers and Nacra parts

Kirk Larsen has been drawing painting and sculpting all his life and is passionate about a wide variety of mediums. He is most well-known for his rich plein air landscapes and  nautical works. He has been an integral part of and consistent supporter of Classic racing in Oyster Bay, Oakcliff. Recognized with over 124 awards for his art including the museum purchase award from Mystic Seaport: The plein air painting “Christeen, last day in the sheds of oyster Bay’s own historic treasure, is in their permanent collection.

Richard J. BonomoRichardBonomo1

The Storm
24” x 30”
Oil on Canvas

A New York native, studied biology and biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin and New York Medical College and worked as a research scientist for many years before turning his attention to fine art. He has studied painting at Purchase College, The Silvermine Art Center, and at The National Academy School. His work continues to reflect his interest in biology, drawing attention to the physical, behavioral and social qualities of our species, Homo sapiens. His paintings, prints and drawings have appeared in many group exhibitions in the metropolitan area including Art as Spectacle, Katonah Museum of Art, 1998; Spectrum 99, New Canaan Society for the Arts, 1999; and Small Matters of Great Importance, Hopper House Art Center, 2006. He’s had a solo shows at the Brecht Forum in Manhattan in 2009 and at the Yonkers Riverside Library in 2014. He received the Reva Paul Prize for 2014 from the National Academy Museum and School. He currently lives and works in Yonkers, NY.

YukoUchida1Yuko Uchida

Fancy a Day
8” x 10”

Yuko Uchida was born in Shimane and raised in Aichi, Japan. Uchida studied Fashion Design at Nagoya College of Fashion.  During this time, she assisted several fashion photographers which inspired her to switch her creative focus towards fine arts. In 2009, Uchida was awarded the prestigious David McFadden award from the ISE Cultural Foundation. In 2013, Uchida’s work was selected in the 6th showcase competition in ArtSlant. An avid traveler, Yuko has backpacked extensively through South East Asia, India, Mexico and Europe, always traveling with a sketchbook in hand capturing the varied cultural impressions she has experienced.

Abby WeirAbbyWeir1

Reflection, Cold Spring Harbor
Oil on canvas
35″ x 39″

AbbyWeir2Buoy Reflection
Oil on canvas
16″ x 24″

Abby Youngs Weir grew up in Oyster Bay Cove, NY. As the daughter of a horticulturist and the owner of a vegetable farm, Abby was born with a true love of the natural world. Her parents’ passion for botany, nature, and land preservation was passed quickly and profoundly onto her at an early age. Abby’s love and enthusiasm for painting and drawing began during childhood. At the age of eleven, Abby studied drawing and painting with Alma Gallanos Stevenson at the Stevenson Art Academy in Sea Cliff, NY. She graduated from Cornell University’s School of Fine Arts with a studio concentration in oil painting. Abby went on to work in Manhattan at The Pollock-Krasner Foundation. Though she enjoyed her time working in the city, she missed the inspiration of Long Island’s landscapes and seascapes. Abby’s experienced hand and intuitive sense of color gives her work a painterly flow and a striking yet simple harmony. A lifelong appreciation and profound respect of the natural world is evident in her work. Abby currently lives in Locust Valley, Long Island, painting local landscapes and botanicals and working on her family’s farm.

JosephConradConrad Volle

Untitled (Re: Assignment 32. Light it on fire.)
Styrene, Extruded Polystyrene
3.8′ x 1.5′ x 1.5′

Rising from the ground in dripping organic gestures layered over a bubbling centrality, Untitled (Re:Assignment 32. Light it on fire.) playfully references its dramatic origins while balancing delicacy with abhorrence. Symmetrically stellated crenellations run down the form vertically, artificially intersecting in straight lines with the organic curves turning upward toward the viewer. The duality of attraction/repulsion, soft/hard, and funny/squeamish is palpable in the work from its materiality through its structure, inviting the viewer to engage with the work.