Hurricane Plan

Hurricane Plan

By now we all know that there is a hurricane coming towards the Eastern Seaboard. Right now it seems to be weakening and veering off just a tiny bit to the East.

This is good news for Oyster Bay where the winds at the moment are forecasted to stay in the 30 knot range which I should point out is what we were sailing in on the last IRC practice. But with mother nature reserving the right to change her mind at any time we are doing a full preparation at Oakcliff.

REDUCING WINDAGE: We are taking the sails off of the booms and wherever possible reducing windage. This includes mousing the halyards to the top of the rigs. A thank you goes out to the Tuesday night match race drills teams who helped take the mains off of the Match 40s. Tonight we will do the same thing with the Shields.

SECURING: We are double and triple checking that all lines, sheets, backstays etc. are firmly secured as there is often damage from things flapping and working and wearing. The mooring lines will

Finding the Lee: As many boats as we can will get tucked in in the lee of Center Island. This includes Anne Caie who is on her way back from the East End of Long Island.