Gearing Up for the Doublehanded Offshore Race

Gearing Up for the Doublehanded Offshore Race

Mark your calendars for this year’s Doublehanded Offshore Race on July 14-15. The race will be held in modified Melges 24s and continuously live streamed for 24+ hours, allowing spectators to watch every step of the way. 

Last year’s groundbreaking event demonstrated that doublehanded offshore sailing is doable for the 2024 Olympics – broadcasting and all to bring sailing to the masses.

With help from North Sails, Vesper Marine, and Melges Performance Boat Works, Oakcliff was able to modify their fleet of six Melges 24s for double-handed offshore sailing with live stream capabilities. Modifications included a relatively low-cost live streaming tower equipped with an android phone and hotspot; navigation lights; a Melges 20 spinnaker; and reefable mains. Race Program Director Patrick Burks designed a special race course and Sailing Instructions that allows the Principal Race Officer (PRO) to lengthen or shorten the course to have the racers finish within an optimal broadcast window.

This year will be better than ever – we are continuing to build on what we learned and will bring you the best possible viewing and racing experience. We are also planning to host another Doublehanded Offshore event in August in conjunction with the ODP. 

Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Instagram to get details on how to watch this unique event.