Friday National’s Suffer Through Light Northerly

Friday National’s Suffer Through Light Northerly

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Friday August 29 was a very challenging day at Oakcliff Sailing Center. The 2015 Nationals kicked off for the 49er , 49er FX, and Nacra 17, leaving sailors in eager anticipation of what is yet to come. Sailors both American and International, have been gathering all week to practice at the venue and have had the pleasure of great coaching from coaches Richard Feeney and Grant “Fuzz” Spanhake , during a high performance clinic.

The less than ideal race conditions became the talk of all the sailors though, as Long Island warmed up with wind averages less than 4 knots for most of the day. Principal race officer Elizabeth Shaw, was able to get off one race for each of the classes before the wind completely shut of. “The toughest part was connecting to the pressure says Trever Burd.” Saturday’s forecast looks to be a lot more promising, with winds 10 knots out of the southwest predicted later in the afternoon. The tidal effect will still play a major role, as it did on Friday.

In the end it is safe to say that while today proved challenging, tomorrow will be even tougher. This is especially true for class leaders; William Mcbride/Dane Wilson 49er, Emily Dellenbaugh/Elizabeth Barry 49er FX, and Ian Liberty/Louisa Chafee Nacra 17.


Filed by Sapling Ethan Johnson