Better Chips Add Flavor to 4 Ring Circus at Oakcliff

Better Chips Add Flavor to 4 Ring Circus at Oakcliff

College High Performance Clinic

The Better Chip Match Race is underway with a light northerly. Each boat in this Grade 3 match race is carrying a junior sailor onboard as an observer letting the young sailors gain invaluable insight into the strategy of world-class match racers. Of note Team US-One with Taylor Canfield is racing onboard with David Storrs.

The observers are not the only young people on site this weekend. Twenty-four of the top collegiate racers are participating in a joint Oakcliff / US Sailing College High Performance Clinic. These sailors chosen in a very competitive application process are getting to sail three Olympic Classes the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17s.   Technical Director Grant ‘Fuzz’ Spanake, USCG Brian Swingly, Head Coach Leandro Spina are amongst the coaches.

The HP College Clinic is also teaching some basic but handy skills such as rigging, sail-making and outboard engine troubleshooting.

Further afield Temptation Oakcliff the Ker 50 and Oakcliff Racing the Class 40 are competing in the Annapolis to Newport Race expected to finish on Monday.   The Class 40 was the first in their class to exit the Chesapeake.   Between these two boats there are 6 Saplings and 6 graduates competing. Temptation Sponsor, Art Santry is hoping for his ‘dream race’ which in this particular boat includes as much upwind work as possible.   The rest of the fleet may not be as happy with the heavy head-winds forecasted.

Finally the Spring Classic Series will wrap up today with the Rhodes designed Caper in the lead the race is for second place with 5 boats in contention including Mystic Seaport’s flagship schooner Brilliant.

All will come together this evening with a joint celebration and prize giving. Better Chips will of course be a part of the menu.   Oakcliff Executive Director Dawn Riley admits to doing quite a bit of taste testing and has decided the Spinach and Kale is her favorite flavor. She added “We are happy to have The Better Chip supporting Oakcliff. Their products are non GMO, Organic and Gluten-Free, about as green and healthy as a snack food can get.”