2014 49er, 49er FX, and Nacra 17 National Championship: Day 2

2014 49er, 49er FX, and Nacra 17 National Championship: Day 2

49ers start during Day 2 of the 2014 49er, 49er FX, and Nacra 17 US National Championship

OYSTER BAY, NY (09.22.2014) – Day two of the 2014 49er, 49er FX, and Nacra 17 U.S. National Championship provided another day of thrilling racing for competitors.

“Oyster Bay is a great venue for sailing. It delivered great sailing conditions and exciting sailing,” said Tyler Macdonald, a 49er skipper. “Everyone was excited for another day of breezy conditions.”

The weather proved to be remarkable again with a steady 12 knots of breeze and bright, sunny conditions. Competitors were smiling from ear to ear as they ripped around the course.

One team, which showed enormous progress over the last two days, is 49er FX sailors and Oakcliff Acorns, Michael Sabourin and Andrew Person. They began to rise up the ranks with two top three finishes today.

“Our performance today significantly improved after our day yesterday,” said Michael Sabourin. “By increasing the level of our boat handling, we were able to maneuver quicker and work on sailing fast.”

Michael Sabourin and Andrew Person are new to the 49er FX class. The duo has only had a week of training in the boat, which included the Oakcliff High Performance Clinic and four previous days of sailing.

“The Oakcliff High Performance Clinic helped introduce us to the boat,” said Andrew Person. “We had mostly sailed 29ers before coming to Oakcliff. With our coaches Kevin Jewett and Kristen Lane, we were able to learn the ways of the boat and compete at the top level.”

Sailors are hoping the incredible conditions will continue tomorrow for the first start at 10am. There will be at least three more races for the 49er fleet and four races for the 49er FX and Nacra 17 fleet.


Current Results are as follows:


  1. Fred Strammer/Zach Brown
  2. Brad Funk/Trevor Burd
  3. Tyler Macdonald/Harry Schmidt
  4. Andrew Mollerus/David
  5. Mac Agnese/James Moody
  6. Paul Throop/Alex Throop
  7. Sam Gustin/Ian Woodbury


49er FX

  1. Wade Waddell/Ian MacDiarmid
  2. Paris Henken/Helena Scutt
  3. Kristen Lane/Maggie Shea
  4. Debbie Capozzi/ Molly Vandemoer
  5. Michael Sabourin/Andrew Pearson
  6. Mayumi Roller/Kayla McComb
  7. Campbell D’Eliscu/Briggs D’Eliscu
  8. Emily Dellenbaugh/ Elizabeth Barry
  9. Kate Shaner/Ellie Shaw


Nacra 17

  1. Sarah Newberry/John Casey
  2. Mike Easton/Katie Pettibone
  3. Sarah Streater/Matthew Whitehead
  4. Enrique Figueroa/Franchesca Valdes
  5. Jeremy Wilmot/Louisa Chafee
  6. Terri McKenna/Annie Gardner
  7. Sophia Schultz/Nico Schultz
  8. Cate Gundlach/Garrett Brown
  9. Joseph Bello/Christina Persson
  10. David Hein/Chris Manson-Hing



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