In Memoriam to David Storrs

David Storrs and his crew sailing back to the mooring after winning the 2017 US Match Racing Championship

Long-time Supporter and Board Member of Oakcliff, David Storrs, passed away earlier this week. We will always be thankful for the tremendous impact he made on our lives. Any cards or letters of support can be sent to Oakcliff at 4 South Street, Oyster Bay or and they will be forwarded to his family. The memorial service will be on Saturday, March 30 at 1pm in Southport, CT at the Southport Congregational Church (524 Pequot Ave, Southport, CT)

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The Spirit of David Storrs

Oakcliff Sailing was just getting started in 2010 when David Storrs arrived.  Dave Perry had introduced him to and he was intrigued by match racing. He was considering umpiring instead of trying to compete as a sailor on the world match racing stage.  Shortly thereafter he was challenged by some ‘experts’ in this decision and he came back strong, with a – ‘watch this’ attitude, making it his quest to defy the doubters and match race the heck out of the circuit.

Over the years he sailed with men and women from wide backgrounds, and to a person was generous in his support as well as his counsel.  Serving on boards formally and as personal advisors informally, David made a point of engaging with teammates and competitors in a meaningful way.

David Storrs celebrates with his crew after winning a close match against Janel Zarkowsky at the 2017 US Match Racing Championship

Match Racing as a discipline doesn’t always lend itself to civility on the racecourse. It is the most aggressive type of racing.  Somehow David always managed to compete as a gentleman. The worst he could muster was a level of frustration and it was more often than not directed at himself.

This is not to say that he wasn’t a true sailor’s sailor.  He was game for anything that the “kids” were doing; Keg Stands and Words with Friends come to mind. David will be missed for all the things he did but probably even more for his positive supportive attitude toward everyone. He always looked for the positive in people and situations and communicated that to the world around him.

David not only became a solid match racing competitor, he became a champion.  He climbed to the position of 1st American and 13th in the World on the World Sailing Match Racing Ranking. He was on the podium often but was happiest that moment in October of 2017 when he won the final match in the US Match Race Championship winning the Prince of Wales Trophy, right here at Oakcliff.

David Storrs at the helm of Match 40 during his winning run at the 2017 Match Racing Championship

There are few people who have been bigger supporters of Oakcliff than David. He jumped at the opportunity to join the Oakcliff’s Board and became our Treasurer. Training and supporting up and coming racers was an important calling for him.

We look forward to telling stories of the legend of David Storrs for many years to come.  He may not be at Oakcliff in body but his spirit will never leave.

Thus, we invite you to contribute to the Spirit of David Storrs Scholarship Fund to be used to assist match race trainees that embody the combination of a spirit to compete and an elegance to live by.