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Tim Kent

Shore Manager

Tim Kent learned to sail on Lake St. Clair just north of Detroit, and did not start racing actively until his early 30s. He began keelboat racing, including the Port Huron and Chicago to Mackinac Races and really enjoyed the longer distance races. In the late 90s, he sailed in the first Chicago to Mackinac Solo Challenge, finding his niche in solo racing. After competing in two more Solo-Mac challenges, he took his purpose-built Open 50, Everest Horizontal, to the East Coast, and entered the 2002/3 Around Alone Race, a 26,000 mile solo race around the world with four stopovers. He successfully completed the race, finishing second in Class 2.

His passion for sailing has been passed down to his two daughters, who have captained their respective college sailing teams and who both work in the sailing world, teaching and managing sailing programs. Tim still enjoys shorthanded distance racing, but can be found buoy and distance racing in the company of a full crew as well. He lives aboard a boat right here in Oyster Bay.