Art Show A Beautiful Success

The skies cleared,  the sun came out and the artwork sparkled at Oakcliff’s second annual Spring Art Show. The event is the brainchild of founder Betsy Lawrence who not only curated the show but also participated as an artist as well. This year’s theme was the Intersecting Circles of Oakcliff, Oyster Bay and the Olympics. Even the catering was all about circles and the letter “O”. James Muir of Artaux Catering presented a menu including: Omelets, Olympic blueberry pancakes, Octopus in a soba noodle salad, Orzo salad with feta, Olives and sun dried tomatoes, tiny circles of caviar on blinis, and finally a rum soaked mount Olympus cake. The Artists, who all donated some if not all of the proceeds to Oakcliff were the real stars of the show. Scroll down to see the artists with their work.  All artists can be reached by sending a request to A big shout out to Sonja Drabin for being a charming hostess and to Andrea Watson for stepping up to be the official photographer.  Her photographs can be seen here.  Also thank you to Oakcliff staff who brought their “A-Game” in cleaning and polishing and giving tours of the facilities, including the soon to be constructed Sailors Bunkhouse.  Finally to everyone who came and enjoyed and purchased and donated.  Thank You!

Betsy Sails Circling

Betsy Lawrence with Sails Circling, Oil on Canvas (not for sale)

Betsy Sculpture

Betsy Lawrence with her Bronze of “Pan” the God of Nature 6″x9″
Available: $1000

Yana Copek

Yana Copek Photographs
Most Available: $125

Richard Bonomo

Richard Bonomo “Women on the Beach”
Oil on Canvas 16×20
Available: $8000

Jeff Truelove

Jeff Truelove “Liminal Place” Wood, Ink, Varnish
Not Available … Yet

Youngmi Kim

Youngmi Kim
“Untitled” Mixed Media 30 x 40 – Sold
“Monologue” (not pictured) 20 x 16 – Available $800

Windy Noviardy

Windy Noviardy “The Wanderer”
Mono-print: Chine Colle
Available: $625

Teresa Waterman

Teresa Waterman “Caught in Contemplation #2″
Mixed Media, acrylic, Graphite, and Pastel. 35 x 24
Available: $2500

Taube Rothman

Taube Rothman “Spinning”
Acrylic on Foamboard

Nancy Shapiro

Nancy Shapiro “Encircle”
Available $2500

Judie Swanson

Judie Swanson “Breath of Light”
Oil on Canvas 36 x 36
Available $1850

Mary Mattingly

Mary Mattingly “Untitled”
En-caustic and Mixed Media 9 x 9

Liz Roosevelt

Liz Roosevelt
Over Sold

Kirk Larson

Krik Larson “Learning to Fly”
oil on canvas 16” x 20”
Available $2200



John Taylor

John Taylor “America’s Cup Trials – 1901″
Oil on Canvas
Commissions Available

Henery Finkelstein

Henry Finkelstein
Oil on Canvas 40 x 48

Diane Schottenstein

Diane Schottenstein “Sails on Oyster Bay”
Watercolor Paint

Dennis Bourke

Dennis Bourke “Six Circles”

Caryl Stern "Emergence" and "Abundance" Oil on Canvas Emergence (top) Available $2000 Abundance Sold

Caryl Stern “Emergence” and “Abundance”
Oil on Canvas
Emergence (top) Available $2000
Abundance Sold

Carl Copek "Circles" Color Metallic Print Available $125

Carl Copek Circles
Color Metallic Print
Available $125


Ayumi Shibata "Deep in the Water Series: Coral, Flow, Blue Tale" Etching Prints (20 Layers) and Hand-Cutout Available $1500 to $2500

Ayumi Shibata “Deep in the Water Series: Coral and Flow”
Etching Prints (20 Layers) and Hand-Cutout
Available $1500 to $2500

A Reminder to Thank Your Race Committee

Coach Jay Kehoe aka Pin Boat Operator reports from Miami

Yesterday was a hot and light day, we got out at 9:30 on the course and got done at sunset! Pretty long day for sure with only one race in each class!

Today, we were greeted with RAIN and no wind! Again we got out to the course at 9:30 or so but today due to the big storms rolling in we were able to get in early!

Big lesson for me so far is how much of an effort this event is to put on! With 6 race circles (most with Trapezoid course configuration), multiple mark boats, International Jury and onshore support people it is out of control, wait I forgot Swiss timing, this is the new tracking system that ISAF wants to use, quite honestly it is not very Swiss as we on the pin boat have been lost more races than we have been found. I think once the bugs are worked out it will be pretty awesome but it does take one if not two people on the signal boat to work it!


The other lesson is how far a THANKS goes! I try and say thank you when I can to the RC, but after helping here, it is now a requirement! As a sailor or coach you do pretty much the same thing these guys do, wake up, check weather, eat breakfast and talk about the day with your team, check e-mail, look at weather again, leave for the site, ready your boat (for mark boats it is put on tracker, check fuel, add trackers to the marks and make sure the plugs are in the marks and check email, weather etc.)

Then it is time to get out on the water, check wind (or lack there of), check current, set marks… reset marks and set up start line and go racing. The other thing most people fail to think of is how would I sail this course, how can I keep everybody from bunching up on one end of the line?

We are using some cool tools here, a range finder will now be part of my RC kit, the “U” flag, this is a black flag without the penalty if there is a general recall, it works.

I am psyched to be down here and learning it is a good thing for sure.

Off to another quick meeting with some people who want to learn about Oakcliff.

Oakcliff All American Offshore Team Alumni to Sail Around the World

Oakcliff AAOT Brain Trust- Photo Credit Amory Ross

Oakcliff AAOT Brain Trust- Photo Credit Amory Ross

January 29, 2014

Oakcliff Sailing – Oyster Bay NY: Congratulations to the core of the Oakcliff All American Offshore Team who have just announced that they are also the core of the Turkish backed Volvo Ocean Race Team. Charlie Enright and Mark Towill have been confirmed and they are working quickly to put together the rest of the team who will also be under 30. The official announcement will be made Friday at 3am EST.

Oakcliff will be chatting with Charlie and Mark when they return to the United States next week. Part of that conversation will be with another group of Oakcliff SapGrads who are busy planning a 2015 campaign for the Transatlantic Ocean Race and the Atlantic Ocean Racing Series. Charlie and Mark led the Oakcliff AAOT team that was supported Oakcliff and USMMA-SF in the same series of races.

Oakcliff Sailing has been building American Leaders through sailing for 4 short years. One of its many long-term goals was to have graduates in the America’s Cup and the Volvo. SapGrad Solomon Krevans raced in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and now there are Oakcliff sailors headed to the Volvo.

Executive Director Dawn Riley comments, “I always say set your goals very high, anything less is just a ‘to-do list’. Well we set our goals very high and Oakcliff Graduates are conquering! Congratulations Team!”

Oakcliff is the only comprehensive training and coaching center in the world. Oakcliff’s signature Sapling and Acorn programs produce graduates who are complete sailors capable of sailing in any position, fixing every aspect of a boat and managing a business.

NOTE: Applications are currently being taken for the 2014 Acorn and Sapling program

Oakcliff is a non-profit organization open to sailors of all ages and levels. Oakcliff’s rigorous curriculum trains sailors in match and fleet racing, inshore and offshore, fully crewed and short handed as well as providing access to historically significant classic yachts. Oakcliff was also named the first US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider Training center with 8 of each of the Olympic Classes: Nacra 17, 49er and 49er FX.