Dave Perry on Fire!

Dave Perry has already had the crowd laughing, gasping and learning with stories and video on match racing. Deb Capozzi will join us later and the day will finish off, as many good sailing days do, with casual but lively conversations while resting an elbow on a high counter.

Luckily Oakcliff Sailing Center supporters are a talented bunch so we are able to have full audience participation. Dave has pulled in Doug Shannon and David Storrs as wing boat umpires, and  Don Mackowiecki and Eric Johnson as umpires and has had them demonstrate making calls based on video of match race starts.

Dave Perry's Onshore Match Race Clinic

The fifty five sailors in the Oakcliff Supporters Clubhouse are now one step closer to a competitive match racing season, and there is increased pressure on the Acorns and Staff to get all 47 boats into the water and ready to sail. Spring launch starts Monday.